Science week comments


  • Michael-“We’ve been learning about poo. We looked at a story called ‘Poo in the zoo.”

I like making stuff in the poo project.

  • Isla- “We are looking at how your body turns things into poo. We’ve been making pictures using mud.”

I like making things with mud. I have made a tower with mud.

Year 1

  • Lauren- “We are learning about germs. We are making sure that we wash our hands to get rid of the germs. We are observing mould growing on bread.””

“I like Science, it was fun passing the bread round.”

  • Ben- “In Science week I’ve learnt that the scientific word for germs is microbes. I like to do experiments it’s fun.”

Year 2

Palko-“It’s brilliant, because I enjoy learning about living things. This week we have been looking at electricity and what makes electricity, like coal, oil and gas.”

Emily- “We have had the fire engine in to talk about fire alarms and tomorrow we are going to Forest Green Rovers to look at wind mills and solar panels which make electricity.”


  • Year 3
    • Evan-“We’ve been learning about how planes fly. We will be making paper aeroplanes.

    Science is fun you get to do lots of fun experiments.”


    Scarlett- “We’ve been learning about liquids, what makes liquids  bubble. I like Science, because you get to learn lots of fun things.”

  • Year 4
    • Jess- “We have been learning solids, liquids and gases. I love Science, it’s interesting to learn new things and to act it out.”
    • Livie- “We looked at how solids stay together, liquids spread out and gases are everywhere. “

    “Science is fun, you get to make exciting things and act out what you are doing.”

  • Year 5
    • Finley- “On Monday we did a celery colouring experiment, to see how water is absorbed up the roots. I think Science is really interesting there is loads to learn. I enjoyed doing the glup test.”


    Ollie- “In Science week were going to make a kite to look at forces.

    I enjoy doing experiments, I enjoyed the glup test.”