What a BRILLIANT first term for Year 3!

Year 3, Term 1, 2017.

This has been a term of firsts for all involved in Year 3. Our class have entered Key Stage 2 and our teacher (Miss Jackson) is newly qualified. As we have reached the long-awaited Christmas break we have had chance to reflect on all we have accomplished, overcome and learnt in our class. As this is a report we’re going to use some sub-headings (which we most definitely know how to use after writing, editing and putting together our own class NEWSPAPER!).

Great Rulers

Our topic this term has been ‘Great Rulers’, we have been looking mainly at Henry VIII, Victoria and Elizabeth II. Using these monarchs we have written articles about them, researched and compared what England looked like during their rule and located countries they significantly effected. We have learnt lots of key facts, especially the gruesome and disgusting facts! Did you know the Tudors invented the platform shoe? We would google why they needed platforms in the 1500’s.

We have also linked this to our Art topic, where we have been practising how to draw facial features so that they look more realistic and using materials like special art pencils to shade and water colour to paint. We have been focusing on Elizabeth II’s portrait as our muse and had lots of fun recreating it in a more abstract way.


We have had a jam-packed English curriculum in this first term and improved our skills and applied them to many different texts. Skills we have learnt:

  • Expanded noun-phrases
  • Similies
  • Commas
  • Inverted commas
  • Prepositions
  • Adverbs
  • Headings and Sub-headings

Writing we have applied this to:

  • Newspapers
  • Acrostic poems
  • Kennings
  • Story writing (we wrote our own version of Little Red Riding Hood but put our own twist on it!)


Maths has been an entirely new challenge and we have worked SO hard at learning more formal written methods e.g. Column method. Miss Jackson has gone on and on about how important it is to learn how to use column method and we have slowly but surely become very confident in using and applying this technique (Including exchanging and carrying!). More recently we have been revisiting multiplication and division, which will become a bit trickier after Christmas – but we’re sure we are all up for the challenge.


We have been very lucky this term to have been given the opportunity to learn how to play the Ukulele with Mr F-P. This has been for an hour every Tuesday and it has been great fun! We even had a mini concert with the Year 4’s and some parents – the feedback we got was encouraging and we were given lots of applause.


We have also been swimming this term – there have been some major accomplishments for our class with this. One brave child overcame her fear of water and even swam 5m by herself! Some of us who found swimming tricky in the past did amazingly well by the end swimming up to 15m independently. Others who are more comfortable in the water were able to swim up to 15 lengths – a brilliant achievement from all of Year 3.

All our hard work paid off when we completed our triathlon near the end of term! Miss Jackson was thoroughly impressed with the level of stamina, skill and endurance Year 3 displayed. After an hour of swimming, 20 minutes of running and then 20 minutes of scootering/biking Year 3 were not only extremely tired but also extremely proud of all they had accomplished.


The final big event of the year was our advent service on 1st December at St. George’s church. We practised, rehearsed, learnt lines and songs for a fabulous afternoon celebrating the time of Advent. The service was thoughtful, interesting and displayed Year 3’s confidence. Miss Jackson was incredibly proud.

Well done Year 3 on a brilliant 1st term! Long may it continue in 2018!