In Lucie’s Box

We read The Magic Box by Kit Wright. This is my poem inspired by him.


I will put in the box
A falcon squawking from far away,
A majestic phoenix flapping his wings in May,
A majestic raven playing in the moonlight.

I will put in the box
An angel’s eyes glistening in the moon’s shadow,
A stunning shooting star dancing above a halo,
A glittering sun shining on a Chinese kite.

I will put in the box
A tornado of roses crashing down on the emerald green grass,
A rose growing in a winter’s storm,
A bottle sailing on the seas with an ancient note.

I will put in the box
The delicate silken web danced from a lonesome spider across an empty stage,
A graceful diamond in a ruby case,
The first crystal clear teardrop from an ocean wave.

By Lucie Speariett