In Ruby’s Box

This is my poem inspired by Kit Wright’s The Magic Box


I will put in my box
The beams of sun peeking through the trees,
The angels singing and begging on her knees,
Drops of rain swiftly sleeping on the leaves,
Flames of fire that only a devious devil sees.
I will put in my box
The last star in the gloomy sky,
A roller-skating lollipop whose job is to spy,
A tiny little baby who’s first word was “Hi”,
A gigantic giant waving goodbye.

I will put in my box
The bright shining sun,
A fiery phoenix being violently spun,
A cute little puppy having a ton of fun,
A cackling dragon holding a gun.

I will put in my box
The bluest water from the saltiest sea,
The brightest picture of you and me,
In space is the most happiest place to be,
All these things are in a box just for me.

By Ruby Marshall