Year 3 Become Stone Age Jewellers!

Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age this term. We have been discovering what life was like, what they ate, what they wore and how they hunted.

Miss Jackson grappled with the idea that maybe they could create their own stone weapons, in an authentic Stone Age workshop, but then it was scrapped as she thought it could have dangerous repercussions! So instead we created our own stone age jewellery.

We studied the materials that they would’ve used – teeth, leather etc. and why they would’ve worn them. Stone Age people wore jewellery to show their status within a tribe and also to look nice (this was towards the end of the stone age).

After studying the materials, we decided we didn’t want to and couldn’t use real animal teeth or even real leather for our designs. So we decided to create beads using clay, which once dried we then painted an off-white yellow colour. Miss Jackson managed to find some faux leather string which gave our necklaces and bracelets a real Stone Age look.

The results were brilliant and we were able to take them home!

Pictures of children’s jewellery