Year 3’s trip up the mountain!

The mountain challenge was always going to be tricky for Year 3, we’ve got the smallest legs (for climbing over styles, up onto ledges) and yet we managed it! Well… most of us made it!

I was extremely proud of the year 3’s for their amazing achievement, with little complaint we all made it up the mountain. A special shoutout to Tyler, Alyssa, Skye and Zac who encouraged each other up the mountain, showing real friendship and kindness to one another.

However, on the way down Poppy had a bit of a tumble. Myself and Mrs Griffin had a great time in Abergavenny A&E and on the ambulance ride with Poppy! We joked about the whole time and were even able to read Harry Potter!

Poppy was an absolute hero, hardly complaining and smiling the whole time. She came away with a broken wrist, and a fabulous story to tell!