Going Green

We are delighted to have received our new picnic table made entirely out of our recycled soft plastics!

Did you spot the PTFA’s new compostable cups at the School Fete? The PTFA have noticed that school events can produce quite a bit of waste, so the PTFA have taken steps to cut down on single-use plastic items and pick alternatives that can be composted or re-used many times. The PTFA encouraged people to bring re-usable cups to events and were delighted that many parents ‘brought their own’ for Sports Day refreshments. These first steps are already helping to reduce waste and improve our environmental impact, and because less disposable items need to be bought, the good news is that it doesn’t affect the funds the PTFA raise for the school either. The PTFA are busy looking at more green ideas, so look out for these when we return after the summer holidays.