A flying start to the year

Doctor Malians provides health informationYear 2 have got off to a flying start this term. We are already enjoying our topic, where our intent is to develop a new sandwich option for the school dinner menu. Dr. Mallins from Prices Mill surgery visited us to answer some of the questions the children had about how salt, sugar and fat affects our body. In fact, the surgery is going to give away some leaflets we are creating to give advice to patients in their waiting room!



Making bread has become a focus linked with our sandwich making and the children have shown an interest in the history of bread linked to the history of the sandwich. So in true Nailsworth school style, we have decided to cook our way through a bread time line. So far we have baked matzo bread from 3000BC followed by Roman spelt bread from 110BC. Tasty!

Reading Aloud

Many of the children have been showing how they can read aloud to others, a really important skill to develop, and have been enjoying reading about the life of a park keeper to each other.

We have committed to walking or running a mile-a-day with the rest of KS1 and will embark on weekly welly walks soon…we will be very fit by the end of this year!


Finally, we are looking forward to the launch of ‘Thrilling Thursdays’ across EYFS and KS1 where we will be looking forward to welcoming our parents to come in at the end of the day, each alternate week, to see their child’s work, ask questions, gather info. and generally have a chat.