Severn Trent Water Worship 14.01.20

This morning, KS2 are learning all about the water that we get from our taps.

Lots of us have already used the water that Severn Trent Water provide to our homes or school.

  • Drinking
  • Showering
  • Brushing our teeth

We get our water from reservoirs, the river Severn and the river Trent.

We learnt that the blue pipes provide clean water and brown pipes take away our sewage.

It takes 1 day to turn our sewage into tap water again. All our water is recycled.

What saves water?

  • Filling our bath half way
  • Using a shower timer (4 minutes is ideal)
  • Turning the tap off when we brush our teeth (if you don’t you’d wasted 24 litres of water a day!)

What wastes water?

  • Leaving the tap running when we brush our teeth/hands
  • Using a hosepipe to water the garden (in 1 hour you’d waste 1000 litres! Shocking!)

What should we not flush down the loo?

  • Wet wipes, it takes 3-5 years for a wet wipe to break down.
  • Nappies! They clog the pipes very easily, so should always be put in the bin.
  • Cooking oil, if it gets cooked and then poured down the sink it turns from a liquid to a solid. Creating (sometimes) HUGE FATBURGS.

What should we flush down the loo?

The only 3 things that should go down the loo are toilet Paper, Pee and Poo!”