Coronavirus advice (2nd March 2020)


Thank you for parents sharing their concerns over the Coronavirus, especially with a confirmed case in Tetbury which has closed the primary school at present.

As there has been no confirmed case of Coronavirus at Nailsworth Primary, we will be following government advice and will be open as usual for students and staff. We take the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously and advise that parents and carers read the guidance from Public Health England that was sent out last week. Here is a reminder of the link

We will again talk to the children about washing their hands and provide more time prior to break and lunch to wash their hands. In our assembly today to we will show children the washing hands guidance based around the “happy birthday” song. As a precaution, we have removed all towels from the classrooms and will allow time for children to dry their hands using the air driers in the toilets.

If you have specific concerns, please email school. Ourselves, Mrs Ostle and Mrs Bell are around each morning to have a chat if necessary.

CBBC Newsround also has child friendly news and help, follow this link

Here is a link to the happy birthday washing hands demonstration.

Vince Southcott and Liz Geller