Year 2

2 week work pack – starting 15th June

Hello to everyone.

Hope you and your families are all healthy and happy.

This next work pack is has plenty of tasks to be getting on with. Don’t feel that all of it should be completed, we have made sure there is enough for those of you who are keen to do that little bit extra.

We have recorded 6 teaching videos on Telling The Time for you, which go with the worksheets provided (watch them below).

If you will be attending school, please bring your pack into class each day as your teacher will use the work provided.

Home learning can be tricky at times, so if you are finding some of the work pack hard to access, please go to the BBC bitesize website where you will find some useful, daily English lessons in the year 2 section.

Have a lovely time in the sunshine and we look forward to seeing you all soon.               

Mrs Tyler-Sell and Mrs Amos 


This is a playlist of 6 videos. If you cannot see the list of 6 videos, click the down arrow at the bottom of the video screen.
[cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”4×3″ width=”600″ volume=”100″ videos=”10589,10591,10593,10595,10601,10599″] 
If you need any additional work for your child/children or you are finding it tricky to get them enthused about some of the work pack, try following this BBC Bitesize link:  

This will take you to ‘daily lessons’ where you can choose the ‘Year 1/P2’ or ‘Year 2/P3’ options, depending on your child’s age or ability. This will give you some great English, Maths and Foundation lessons which are good fun.
Happy learning and we will see you all soon.

Additional information for home

For some fun & games you can play online at home, click the button to visit our Kids Corner