Poor Beau :(

Beau is very sad at the moment.  He was feeling poorly so Mrs Ostle took him to the vets where the vet gave him a scan on his stomach.  Silly puppy had eaten something he definitely shouldn’t have – a piece of rope!

The Vet had to do an operation on Beau’s tummy to get the rope out which has left Beau with a very painful and sore cut on his belly.  After the surgery, he had a sleepover at the animal hospital so the nurses could check he was OK.

He has to take medicine and wear a cone for 2 weeks to stop him from licking the sore bit.  It looks like a lampshade!

Beau would feel a lot better if he knew you were all thinking of him whilst he recovers.  Get well soon cards or messages can be delivered to school (by hand or post) or you could perhaps post something on the Facebook page for him?  It would definitely cheer him up – he is feeling very sorry for himself right now – poor puppy!



Keep checking back to see how Beau is doing.  Enjoy the last few days of the holidays.