A Busy Week in Year 5!

Year 5 have been having a busy week, and it’s only Tuesday!

We have seized the opportunity to be out and about this week, focussing on some key areas of the curriculum by heading out into our local community.

On Monday, we learnt about Andy Goldsworthy, who is a famous artist that uses natural materials, before heading down to KGV playing fields to try making our own natural art sculptures. The children loved the idea of spirals and the strong link with maths and the Fibonacci sequence in natural spirals.

Tuesday was a lovely day that began with learning about maps and cartography in school. We then got our walking boots on and, following a pre-planned route using ordnance survey maps, we trekked up to Minchinhampton Common where we tried some cartography of our own and enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sunshine.

We have been very lucky to have been able to be so active, we have also taken the time to discuss how important it is stay fit and healthy through exercise, a good diet and hydration.

Enjoy some of the photos of our lovely days out: