Our Staff

Mrs Geller Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms Elizabeth Geller
Deputy Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Continuous Provision Lead & Year 2 Class Teacher Mrs Clare Tyler-Sell
SENDCo, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion Manager, Early Help Coordinator and PE Lead Mr Mark Davis 
Year 6 Class Teacher, RE Lead Mrs Lisa Goodfellow
Mrs King Year 6 Class Teaching Assistant  Mrs Clare King
Year 6 SEND Support Teaching Assistant Mrs Jenni Judson 
Year 6 SEND Support Teaching Assistant Ms Jo Farley
Year 5 Class Teacher, IT Lead Mr Dave Walton
Year 5 Class Teaching Assistant, Forest School Teacher Mrs Gemma Wingfield
Year 5 SEND Support Teaching Assistant Mrs Clair Gasan


Year 5 & Reception (EYFS) SEND Support Teaching Assistant Mrs Sue Hall
Year 4 Class Teacher, History & Geography Lead Miss Hannah Cullimore
Year 4 Class Teaching Assistant, Thrive Mrs Kim Ostle
Year 3 Class Teacher, Science Lead Mrs Claire Howard
Mrs Griffin Year 3 Class Teaching Assistant, Thrive Mrs Louise Griffin
Year 2 Class Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs Julie Amos

Photo coming soon

Year 2 SEND Support Teaching Assistant Mrs Shilpe Banu

Year 1 Class Teacher, Literacy Lead Miss Poppy Baker

Mrs Curtis

Year 1 Class Teaching Assistant, Paediatric First Aider Mrs Caroline Curtis
Year 1 SEND Support Teaching Assistant & Cover Midday Supervisor Miss Fran Godwin
Reception (EYFS) Class Teacher Ms Zoe Hynes
Reception (EYFS) Class Teaching Assistant, Thrive, Paediatric First Aider Miss Kate Bell
coming soon School Business Manager, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead coming soon
School Secretary, Attendance Officer, Lead First Aider Ms Cat Barnwell
Midday Supervisor & Cleaner Mrs Wendy Halling
Midday Supervisor & Jigsaur Play Worker Mrs Pauline Wicks
Photo coming soon Midday Supervisor & Cover Cleaner Miss Leisha Watson
Photo coming soon Midday Supervisor Miss Emma Young
Photo coming soon Midday Supervisor & Cover Cleaner Miss Sophie Kane
Jigsaur Play Leader, Paediatric First Aider Miss Elizabeth Blick
 Jigsaur Play Leader, School Crossing Patrol & Kitchen Assistant Mrs Amanda Kentish
Photo coming soon Jigsaur Play Worker & Kitchen Assistant Miss Zara Robinson
Senior Cleaner & Keyholder Mrs Louise Blick
Photo coming soon Cleaner Julie Haskell
Photo coming soon Cover Midday Supervisor Ms Andreia Pinte
Our school dog, friend to everyone – Beau the poodle works with children one-to-one to comfort, calm and motivate Beau


The Great Plate provide our yummy lunches:

Head Chef Shane McBagley
Business Lead Maisie McBagley
Kitchen staff Grier Ewins
Kitchen staff Yvonne Heffernan

Volunteers in school: None of our volunteers are currently able to come in to school – we hope to welcome them back soon

Sewing Club Lucia Emm
Yoga Club Georgina Toliss
Pulsar Club Karen Wheeler
Reception Isobel Hie
Reception Helen Keating
Reception Rebecca Phillips
Reception Cathy Sane
Year 1 Jackie Hey
Year 1 Mark Hey
Year 2 Catherine Reid
Year 4 Sue Cullimore
Year 6 Diane Green

Other regular visitors in school:

Groundsman Richings
Drums Tutor Edward  Evans
Strings Tutor Richard  Fitton-Perkins
Guitar Tutor Richard Tuttle
Piano & Woodwind Tutor Ellie Toseland
Fencing Club Shaun Garley
Chess Tutor Paul Girdlestone
Martial Arts Club Richard  Herbert
Ballet Club Nikki Tomlinson
Sportily Dave Moller
Website Manager Cheryl Stapleton

If you have not been mentioned here but help in school, then please let the school office know.