Newsletter – 6th April 2022

a small leafless tree decorated with Easter eggs and other decor, stood in a church

We are all looking forward to the Easter holidays. We have been working very hard so we are hoping the weather will be kind and we can get outside and enjoy our surroundings. We will see you back at school Monday 25th April. Download this week’s newsletter: 6th April 2022    


We currently have two vacancies at Nailsworth C of E Primary School for: School secretary/administrator and Voluntary Position: Co-opted Governor   Click here to visit our vacancies page for more details.  

Newsletter – 30th March 2022

images of four creations by the DT club

There have been lots of exciting things happing at school but one of the nicest is seeing the children play in the nature garden and on the school field. Roll on summer! Download this week’s newsletter: 30th March 2022  

How we digest food!

two laughing children sat at a school desk squeezing the contents of a plastic bag onto a paper towel to replicate how a stomach excretes contents

Y6 carried out a Science experiment to see how food was digested. We used a zip lock bag to replicate the stomach full of banana and biscuits. Water was used instead of saliva and we squeezed the mixture as the stomach would in order to break down the food.   Once it was “digested” we…

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We’re making pizza, just like the Little Red Hen!

Reception class are very excited to be using ‘The Little Red Hen‘ and ‘The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza)‘ as our focus books this term. We have learnt the original story through story making and can re-tell it using actions. We have been learning about where wheat comes from and how it is much…

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Reading in Yr 6

cover of the book the Origin of Species

We enjoy a wide variety of books in Year 6. We are currently reading On the origin of species by Sabina Radeva. It’s a non-fiction book that explains the findings of Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was an English scientist who studied nature. He is known for his theory of evolution by natural selection. According to this theory, all living…

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Newsletter – 23rd March 2022

We have made lots of exciting changes to our School website. Please take a few moments to have a look. You will find a list of the books we read with each class, each term. We know that reading so many books helps our children improve their vocabulary. Please do try and read as much as possible with your children at home. You might like…

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What we are learning

This half term, year 1 will be focusing on natural resources and how the natural resources in their local area they have been used in the past. As part of their focus on Cotswold Wool, they will be receiving a very special visit from some woolly creatures and they and will be making wool decorations…

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So much learning in year 3!

We have undertaken all sorts of exciting learning this term in year 3! We started the term by looking at different rivers. We took a close look at the rural village of Vumilia and the river that flows through it. Vumilia, in Tanzania is linked to Nailsworth Town by a ‘friendship link’. We continued our…

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Newsletter – 16th March 2022

group of year 5 students with town Mayor standing for camera

You should receive your child’s learning web this week. We have changed the presentation style, which is why they are slightly later than usual. They link directly with the National Curriculum objectives. Please also have a look at the website. We have updated the curriculum pages so that they are clearer to follow. Download this week’s newsletter: 16th March 2022