COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

Nailsworth C of E Primary School is currently closed to pupils. We look forward to welcoming them back on Monday 23rd November. Remote learning or paper packs are available to all pupils. 


Thank you for your support as we continue to operate the school during this pandemic. Please can we ask that everyone continues to maintain social distance of 2 metres whilst dropping off/collecting children. Masks are not required for children or parents, but parents can, of course, wear masks if they wish. If you need to speak to the office, please only one person in the reception area at a time.

On this page, you will find all the information that is available and relevant to you, as parents and carers. The page will be regularly updated as new information is released. Please check back here regularly for updates.

All children should be wearing full uniform to school please. PE kit will be worn into school instead of uniform on PE day – with joggers, school jumper and don’t forget a coat for playtime! The timetable for all years can be found on the PE page:

P.E. Info & Timetable

Hopefully, all the information you need is on this page, but if you have any questions that remain unanswered, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. In the meantime, thank you once again for the support you have given to your children and to us, here at school.

Please find below the current important information that you need to know about the school’s response to COVID-19, following Government guidelines. Click on each item to view:

Advice and Support

Find out what advice and supply you can get to help you and your family cope during this time.

No Child Will Go Hungry 

Gloucester County Council scheme to provide meals during half term and Christmas holidays for families entitled to Free School Meals. Click the link for details. Parents and carers need to apply directly to Gloucester County Council.

COVID-19 Children’s Fund

If you are struggling financially because of COVID-19, you can find information on this page about emergency funding that may be available

Public Health England Letter to Parents and Carers 23.09.20

Letter regarding Track and Trace that should be read by all parents and carers.

COVID-19 – Quick reference guide

Handy reference guide for various different scenarios relating to COVID-19

Remote Learning Guide – Oct 2020

If your child has to self-isolate because of coronavirus or if there is a local lockdown and the school is advised to partially close or your child needs to shield, this Remote Learning Guide will help parents and carers understand the requirements for remote learning and the support the school will be providing for you and your child.

Remote Learning Policy – Oct 2020

Our school policy for remote learning should be read in conjunction with the Remote Learning Guide to understand the school policy and procedures.

Government Advice – What You Need to Know

What parents & carers need to know about going back to school in the Autumn term during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Education and Childcare during Coronavirus

Government Guidance (3 June 2020, continually updated). Information, support & guidance that the government is providing for parents and carers.

Risk Assessment COVID-19: Full opening-Sept 2020

Our school risk assessment for September 2020, based on Gloucester County Council guidance

September New Start & End Times

In order to keep ‘bubbles’ separate and to maximise social distance, the start and end times are staggered for each year group with different entrance and exit points

School Curriculum COVID-19 addendum

Additional information about curriculum content and delivery that comes into effect from Sept 2020

School Visitors COVID-19: Sept 2020

Measures our school have will put in place for visitors from Sept 2020

Behaviour Policy COVID 19 Addendum 2020

Information added to the school Behaviour Policy in response to COVID-19 measures

SEND Policy COVID 19 Addendum

Information added to the school SEND Policy in response to COVID-19 measures

NQT Policy COVID-19 Addendum

Information added to the NQT Policy in response to COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 – Stay at Home Guidance

Government guidance – when should you stay at home?

COVID-19 – Safer Travel Guidance for Passengers

Government Guidance – how to travela & use public transport safely

Head’s Message Re-opening in September

A message from Ms Geller about plans put in place for re-opening in the Autumn term (2020)