Family Link Worker


A Family Link Worker’s role is to offer friendly, non-judgmental support.

Supporting our children and families:

“My aim is to work with you to chat over issues if you have any concerns regarding your child’s learning and access to education. This could include behaviour at home or at school, routines or social skills.

My role is to support you so that you can help your child achieve their potential and enjoy school.

I work directly with families to ensure the best possible outcomes for children, by providing access to information and advice.

I will:

  • be a school point of contact to discuss concerns;
  • meet with parents and carers;
  • give one to one support and advice;
  • be someone to talk to about a matter affecting your family so I can show you where you can go to for help;
  • support you where attendance or behaviour difficulties are a concern;
  • be setting up and chairing Parent Forum (please get in touch if you would like to be involved.)

Families of Nailsworth Primary Facebook Group

The Facebook group is used to share news, talk about events, ask for feedback, share important dates and family/adult learning opportunities. If you have any questions, general concerns or suggestions that could benefit other children and families across the school please feel free to use the page to share! We welcome feedback which can highlight issues that can make improvements to the school and its community. Using Facebook will enable the use of private message. You can join the group by clicking the Facebook icon in the right hand menu bar or by clicking here: Families of Nailsworth Primary Facebook Group 

Adult Learning

In addition, we can provide opportunities for adult learning at school. Please contact the school to discuss available options and make suggestions for sessions that could be provided.