District swim gala

A huge well done to those who took part in the District swimming gala this morning at Stratford park. We came 4th over all out of 8 schools, missing 2nd place by just 2 points, so very close!

Go Quad Kids

Well done to the Quad kids athletics team who came 6th in the Stroud District against 18 other school teams on Wednesday 5th June.

Gymnasts somersault to success

Last Friday, our Year 4 and Year 5 gymnastic teams competed in the Key Steps and Intermediate gymnastics competition at Stratford Park. The level of gymnastics was incredible and they were an inspiration to watch. We came 3rd in the Year 4 competition. In the first ever Intermediate competition, Isabelle North came 2nd out of…

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2nd place in Stroud Athletics!

Well done to our amazing yr 5 & 6 athletics squad. Triumphed to take 2nd place today at Stroud schools sports hall athletics!!