2 children holding a prototype car made of paper, with bunny ears
several children at desks crafting with branches, leaves and other materials
two girls smiling at camera showing a prototype of a car made they have made
two groups of children watering young trees with bottles of water
group of children around a table making a vacuum cleaner out of recycled materials
two children using a self made vacuum cleaner

From assessments to … prosthetics!

an illustration of a mechanical hand invented by Ambroise Paré

Year 5 have been working really hard on our assessments this week. We have also built mechanical hands in DT, inspired by the work of Amboise Pare, who was the French surgeon responsible for inventing modern prosthetic limbs.   In English we have written reports on life cycles to support our science learning. We are…

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Newsletter – 30th March 2022

images of four creations by the DT club

There have been lots of exciting things happing at school but one of the nicest is seeing the children play in the nature garden and on the school field. Roll on summer! Download this week’s newsletter: 30th March 2022  

We’re making pizza, just like the Little Red Hen!

Reception class are very excited to be using ‘The Little Red Hen‘ and ‘The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza)‘ as our focus books this term. We have learnt the original story through story making and can re-tell it using actions. We have been learning about where wheat comes from and how it is much…

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Year 4 Roman pottery ‘take two’

We have been really focussing on returning to our work to improve in year 4 this year and our Roman pottery making had given us a great opportunity to do just that. The children have all designed a new and improved pot, with lots of discussions about how to make them look more ‘Romany’, we…

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Year 4 DT day – Roman Cooking!

Year 4 were lucky enough to enjoy a great day in the kitchen at school on Thursday this week. We spent the morning researching and designing a Roman themed menu before using the rest of the day in the school kitchen making our own humus and flat breads. The children were really keen to taste…

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Year 2 baking bread!

Last week we had fun baking again. We made bread rolls and wrote instructions to ‘Winnie the Witch’ . We look forward to hearing from her and baking again next week!