Watch with Mr T – KS1 Phonics & Grammar videos

Click to watch Mr T’s Phonics Learn to read and write with Mr T! Over 600 videos to watch here from Mr T, as he teaches you how to read using phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation.   Mr Thorne is a UK teacher publishing apps, Youtube videos and creating educational content to help anyone learn…

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Wordsearches (KS2 English vocabulary and spelling)

Click to play Using the list of words given, you need to find all the words hidden in the grid. They can be found in straight lines up, down, sideways, backwards or diagonally. The leftover letters reveal a mystery answer.

Spellbound – Crosswords (KS2 English)

Click to play Spellbound Use the numbered clues to guess the words and fill in the grid. Some words go across, some go down. 

Karate Cats (KS1 SPAG)

Click to play Karate Cats Struggling with grammar, punctuation or spelling? The Karate Cats are here to help! Chop a capital letter, fly-kick a full stop or smash a sentence in this fun game for KS1 learners. Head to the dojo to train with the very best Karate Cats and rank up to become an expert…

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Rewards for Reading!

Certificates, badges and treats! These are available for the keenest readers in school. This is a home-school challenge that needs a little involvement from parents and carers. We are initiating a reading scheme which is not about how many books you can read, but how long you read for at home. Please check what reading level your child is on, as…

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