New Season, New Beginning

Year 3 welcomed the first days of Spring. The sun shone and only a little hail as we found signs of new life in the Nature garden. Some children chose to embrace the mud left by recent rain to make splash paintings. They are trickier than you think. Too close and your paper is too…

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Year 5 explore Highwood

Year 5 were sent on a top secret mission to collect sticks for den building back in the nature garden. They had to consider size, strength and weight to determine which sticks would be best. Hopefully everyone will appreciate their efforts as we start the new year with a fresh supply of materials.

Year 4 Forest School 10.02.20

On this very blustery and cold day, Year 4 made it out to the nature garden where we had a great hour or so of Forest School. Firstly, we played hide and seek. Our winner was Bingxi, who his behind the shed and stayed quiet for 15 minutes! Then we played sardines but in our…

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Year 3 Forest School: The one with the MUD SLIDE!

In Forest School this week, Year 3 have been taking part in obstacle course making. We created some fantastic under, over and through courses using things that we found in the nature garden. However, we used the ‘mountain’ as our final obstacle, the mudslide! (Washing machines at the ready everyone!) We had to go up…

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