Year 3’s trip up the mountain!

The mountain challenge was always going to be tricky for Year 3, we’ve got the smallest legs (for climbing over styles, up onto ledges) and yet we managed it! Well… most of us made it! I was extremely proud of the year 3’s for their amazing achievement, with little complaint we all made it up…

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£2,548.58 raised for charity! Go Nailsworth!

What an amazing example our children have set of how they truly live out our Christian values: perseverance, compassion, generosity, service, with a staggering total fundraising amount of £2,548.58 raised for wildlife conservation charity Shared Universe Foundation On behalf of the school, we are immensely proud of you all. 

Shared Universe Foundation

The whole school celebrated the money raised for Shared Universe Foundation to help protect species in South Africa. We raised over £2000! Amazing!

Even the cheetah made it!

At the top… all made it!

Skirrid mountain challenge…

Keystage2 are attempting to climb Skirrid today… wish them luck!