Sorry to the cleaners!

for Year1 would like to say sorry for the mess. We were ripping up tiny pieces of paper for our mosaics but they fell on the floor and made an awful, mad mess. Luckily, our amazing, fantastic, helpful and kind cleaners came to our rescue. Miss Baker says we are going to practice being tidy…

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We are having a ROARsome time with our mosaics!

We have been getting creative and sticky in order to make our masterpiece mosaics of the dragon from Room on the Broom. Casey- “I like working with Clem to make the dragon. He is really helpful.” Dorothy- “The best bit is making stuff from the book as it’s my favorite,” Look out for more classroom…

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Mosaic madness

Today we have started to create our mosaics. We have only just started and are looking forward to sharing the completed designs soon.

Year 1

This week’s spellings are:   

All about Our World

Our topic of Our World is being explored in so many ways this term: through geography as we learn about the different continents; through maths is we look at real life skills you need in the world such as counting with money; we have been continuing our learning journey with telling the time encouraging the…

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Toys from the past!

Imagination and coordination

Year 1 had a visit from some lovely visitors who brought us lots of toys from the past! Take a look…