Life Skills

One of our Year 3 pupils has been busy at home learning some life skills.  Here he is helping to prepare a meal and even doing the washing up at the end!  Well done! We love to see what you are getting up to at home, so please keep the photos coming.  

Learning new skills

There are so many things for us to learn during this time. In the Year 3 classroom we have been very busy. This afternoon we made banana and chocolate muffins and we added the designs to our hot air balloons.

Active English Year 3

We’ve been doing active English in our classroom. We were learning about their, there and they’re. We had to sort sentences with these words into two piles. One pile was right and the other was wrong. Then, we corrected the wrong sentences and wrote them out with the right spelling. Their, there and they’re are…

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Year 3 writing

Year 3 are finishing off their topic of The Enchanted Wood this week. We will continue to read the rest of the book but our topic will change next week. Today we were writing the next part of the story – chapter 18. It is all about a land called “Take-what-you-want land” at the top…

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Year 3 French

Year 3 enjoyed combining French and Art this week. We learnt that “Arc en ciel ” means rainbow.

Year 3 computing

Year 3 are enjoying computing lessons. This week we learnt how to edit photos on the iPads. We found out how to change the lighting and colours.

Year 3 Maths

Today we have been learning how to divide 2 digit numbers using place value counters. We worked in pairs to find the answers to questions like: 52 divided by 4 66 divided by 3 One of our challenges was 104 divided by 8! Here are some pictures of our working out:

Year 3

This week’s spellings are:  

Year 3 Forest School: The one with the MUD SLIDE!

In Forest School this week, Year 3 have been taking part in obstacle course making. We created some fantastic under, over and through courses using things that we found in the nature garden. However, we used the ‘mountain’ as our final obstacle, the mudslide! (Washing machines at the ready everyone!) We had to go up…

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Splendid Stonehenge!

A few weeks ago, Year 3 made the hour and a half coach journey to rural Wiltshire to visit some very special stones! That place was of course Stonehenge! We had a fabulous time and it was great being able to see something that we had only looked at in pictures, in real life! Our…

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