February 12, 2016



Whole school going healthy for Lent

February 12, 2016

Whole school going healthy for Lent – a challenge by our Food Education ambassadors in Year 5!

Dear Parents/Carers

I received yesterday a letter from Year 5, our Food Education ambassadors, requesting that the whole school goes healthy for Lent  – that is for the whole 4 weeks and 4 days of next term up to Easter.  Their proposal includes:

  • Only fruit for playtime snack
  • Lunches to consist of either a healthy school dinner, or a sugar free packed lunch from home, containing just sandwiches (or other carb based choice ie Pasta) and fruit

They have requested that, for children who have this sugar free packed lunch, the Star Anise chefs will provide a healthy pudding, a “packet of crisps alternative” and access to vegetable crudités.  They also feel that water should be provided as the healthy drink for all children.

In support of this great idea from Year 5, I have spoken with Star Anise and agreed the following:

  • Star Anise will cook a meal for all children eligible for a Universal Free School meal or a traditional Free School meal. This means that every child in Reception and KS1, plus those in KS2 eligible for a free meal, will be encouraged to order and try a meal every day. If they don’t like the meal and they have some sandwiches from home they will be able to eat them along with the healthy pudding, a “packet of crisps alternative” and vegetable crudités provided by Star Anise
  • Children not eligible to a free meal will be able to have the same full healthy school dinner for the reduced cost of £1.50 for the whole of Lent.

This challenge will make a huge difference in helping to educate our children in the benefits of healthy eating and I look forward to working with you, the children and the Year 5 team in making it really successful.  In helping you remember, we will return home any food items outside the challenge that accidently find their way into packed lunch bags.

Please find a copy of the new Spring Term menus here:

Spring2MenuWeek12016                Spring2MenuWeek22016

I am really pleased to be able to support a fabulous whole school challenge.  I am sure together we can all be inspired by the challenge of eating healthy – could this extend to home too?  Do let me know!

Vince Southcott

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Spring Term’s Clubs list is out!

January 8, 2016

Please see the link below for the list of this term’s clubs.  All clubs start next week except for Cookery Club which will start on Tuesday 19th January.

Clubs List – Spring Term 2016



Happy New Year!!

January 4, 2016

We hope you’ve all had a peaceful Christmas period.  Children start back to school tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January.

Please find the new Spring Term menus below; this week is Week 1.  Paper copies will come home with children tomorrow.

SpringMenuWeek12016                   SpringMenuWeek22016

Happy 2016 to you all!!



School Lunches

October 21, 2015


Please see the ‘Lunch’ tab for the new menus – here is a list of some of the new main choices:

* A vegetarian Chilli Con Carne served with Rice and Broccoli

* Sweet Pumpkin soup served with fresh bread and cheese

* Butternut Squash Risotto with cheese and Seasonal Veg

* Beef Stew served with fresh bread

* Pasta Bake with Cheese and Tomato, served with a sweet carrot salad

* Fish Fingers & Chips

* Quiche & Chips

* Vegetable and Lentil Soup served with fresh bread and cheese

* Baked Potatoes with Beans and Cheese

* Pasta Bolognese (Quorn)

* Red Lentil Curry served with Rice and cucumber and yoghurt salad

* Leek and Potato Soup served with fresh bread and cheese

* Beef Cottage Pie served with seasonal veg

Thank you for your support with the new meal suppliers.  We shall be looking at what children bring in their lunchboxes soon in an attempt to spread the ethos of freshly prepared food made with organic ingredients and no refined sugar.  The topic of school lunches will be added to the parent’s questionnaire at Parent’s Evening, so look out for that to have your say; we welcome your feedback.


This (short) week’s news….

October 21, 2015

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who donated a Teddy today. We will pass them on and I am sure they will have great new homes with Syrian children.

If you still have a teddy who might be lonely, please bring it in to the school office and we can forward it on.

Thank you also to everyone who made donations to the Guides’ charities, they have so far raised nearly £150—look out for the date in November when the Guides in school will be selling their crafts to raise further funds.  Everyone looked great in their onesie or pjs today —well done all.

Please don’t forget that we have an INSET day on Monday 2nd November so all children will start back on Tuesday 3rd.

Rememberance Day poppies will be on sale after half term so please bring in your donations.

Is there anyone who might be available to read with Y4 on a regular basis? Please see Miss Burkett if you can help.

Have a great half term.


This week’s news…..

October 16, 2015

Thank you to all the parents who came to our special Reception welcome in our Celebration Assembly. It was lovely to include all the new Reception children, new teachers and other new children to our Nailsworth family. We now have a full set of pebbles in our Nailsworth bowl and we look forward to all working together to continually make the school better today than yesterday.


Year 4 were a great success dancing the ‘Battle of the Fairy Tales’ at the Subscription Rooms last night – see today’s newsletter for the news report by Jo Jarman (thank you).

The football team kept their unbeaten run, great result even with a few key players not available. The Year 3/4 tag rugby team represent the school tonight and on Monday night – good luck!

Sadly, we have no PTFA at present. The latest meeting resulted in a few more people willing to help on an individual event basis, but nobody willing to hold a committee position. This means there will be no events for the children, like Halloween, Treat Friday, Christmas and Valentines parties and fete. The result will be no funds raised and the children will miss out on Year 6 leavers presents, Reception book bags, Recorders for Key stage 2 children etc….  Also it means that significant projects like the outside eating area seating, climbing frame and lego equipment will not funded in the future. We will be asking for feedback during the November parents evening, please think how we can make the PTFA happen, as the children need you.

We are contributing to the Nailsworth Climate Awareness Day on Saturday, Oct 24th. We would like to make a sculpture to represent the amount of waste we could save if we recycled one piece a day. Please could every child bring in one item of recyclable waste on Monday so that Reception and their buddies can create an amazing statue.

A quick reminder that we break up next Wednesday for the half term holidays.  Enjoy your Weekend.


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