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Subject Intent

 To increase pupils’ prospects by:

Providing pupils the opportunity to expresses themselves creatively, exploring and experimenting with techniques using their imagination and the world around them.

Our art and design curriculum is crafted so that all pupils have the opportunity to work creatively, explore their ideas and record their experiences. We nurture the need to reflect and discuss different views and interpretations and also gain an enthusiasm for the arts.

  • Broaden pupil’s awareness, understanding and respect of different individual needs, cultures, religions, traditions and orientations.

Our curriculum aims to open our pupils’ eyes to a range of artists from different backgrounds and ethnicities. We wish to also inspire children to analyse the impact that different artists had both on art movements but also in the wider social spectrum.

  • Persevere to overcome challenges and rise together.

Pupils should leave Nailsworth with a proficiency in a range of artistic techniques but we also encourage individuals to investigate and find a medium they are enthused about along with developing their own style. Pupils will encounter mediums they are familiar with but also new mediums and styles which may be more challenging.

  • Become responsible and flourishing citizens within their community.

We encourage all pupils to play an active role in our community and for this reason, as well as our formal curriculum, we also build in opportunities to share pupils work in our community and take part in different artistic competitions in the area. Our curriculum also draws on local artistic talent and this aims to honour the artistic legacy of Nailsworth and the wider Stroud area.

Key Documents 

1. Art and Design at Nailsworth

Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.