Year 3’s Day in the Forest!

After having to cancel our first attempt to visit Redwood Forest due to snow in December, we were a little bit nervous to see snow forecast again for our trip on Friday 12th February. However, nothing could stop us and we had a brilliant (cold, damp, muddy and finally sunshine-filled) day.

When we arrived we were greeted by our forest expert and host, Umbreen.

We were given 3 rules we needed to stick to during the day:

  1. No pick – don’t pick anything that is living. 
  2. No lick – don’t put anything in your mouth (including our hands).
  3. No stick – we could pick up sticks, but they had to be held pointing to the floor and with our thumb over the end facing the sky.

Our first task was walking through the forest looking for items we could use to make a piece of art. During our walk, we were found out about a lot of forest items; these included acorn cups, catkins and moss. (Have a google if you’re intrigued by the items we found!)

We then made our way to a clearing, where as instructed by Umbreen, we made frames using 4 sticks and used our collected items to make a picture on the forest floor.

After this it was time for lunch and free play. By this time the sun had started to shine and we were all feeling warmer, and some of us were VERY muddy.

In the afternoon, we split into two groups. One group was to build a ‘Squirrel Obstacle Course‘, whilst the other group would be whittling our own marshmallow sticks to toast some marshmallows over the fire.

Year 3 were very inventive with their obstacle courses, with some tasks requiring the squirrels to climb up trees and leap from stick to stick. Other courses were much smaller with a miniature gymnastics course being made and glued together with mud.

To make our marshmallow skewers we whittled long sticks using a potato peeler. We wore protective gloves and made sure the point we were creating was pointing to the floor. There were two reasons for whittling the sticks – one was to make it sharp enough to hold the marshmallow, the other was to clean the stick of anything harmful.

Then, before we knew it it was time to go back to school. We were tired and muddy, but we had a brilliant day out! Miss Jackson may even book another visit to Redwood in the summer!