By Ruby

Dear President Trump,

I am writing to you because I don’t agree that you pulled out of the climate change agreement.By pulling out you are harming the coral reefs and the sea creatures.Therefore President Trump,where is your support?


During the first agreement in 2016 ,world leaders gathered together to discuss climate change.The French president argued that he wanted to make the world great again.So President Trump,don’t you want to make the world brilliant again?Our own priminister Theresa may is extremely disappointed in you because of your careless decisions.As a word leader,you have the power to make a change in the world you also made the wrong decision.


We have proof that shows 2/3of the words beautiful coral reefs has sadly disappeared because of climate change.As a result of the sea temperatures rising up from 1-2C more corals are fading.The sea creatures are loosing their habitats and could become extinct! Do you really want that to happen?


If I were President,I would join the climate change agreement and make our world fabulous again.I would do this by recycling ,picking up litter and looking after animals.I think climate change is affecting our world.

Yours sincerely ,