The PULSAR games are kicking off this morning with every child involved in either; football games, perseverance workshops or in the discovery zone!

PULSAR have put on some amazing games and all the children are up and active this morning. All the children are playing for points, all hoping to win the coveted first place position. At this point, it’s all up for grabs!

The children  playing ‘Capture the Cone’, one player from the attacking team has to grab a cone and get it back to their team. The defending team has to grab a bib tucked into the attacking players shorts, if they get the bib they get the cone back. If they don’t get the bib the attacking team gets to keep the cone.

Listening to what it means to work for Psalms.

Playing a very exciting and competitive game of 1:1 football!

Children listening to incredible stories of people showing perseverance.