STEM Knex Workshop Year 4


Today we learnt that we are going to make a model out of Knex, but we have to follow some very specific requirements.

The workshop is being sponsored by a STEM company (Science, Technology, Engineer and Maths). We are being engineers for the afternoon whilst we design and make our models.

Engineers are people who design, make, remake, improve, fix and maintain items which help our lives. Some examples are laptops, cars, medical machinery and rockets. Engineers are brilliant problem solvers! Anything that has been manufactured, engineers have been a part of the process.

Our task: to design a carnival float

1. Creating the chassis and axel

2. Add a joiner to the axel. This, with the help of a clip secures the wheel.

3. Add the rod to our axel.

4. Add another gear to the chassis, this gear will help up to steer the front wheels.

5. The rest is a design of our own!

Some of our final products!

Our winners …

Our proud winners have been chosen to represent Nailsworth at the National Competition on 26th March at Renishaw! What an amazing opportunity!