Welcome Back Year 4!

Dear Year 4!

A big welcome back to school! I am really looking forward to meeting all of our new year 4 pupils and making our teaching and learning as fun as possible in year 4! Take a look at our topic web: Herbal Remedies

We are really lucky this year to be supported by Mrs Wingfield, Mrs Gasan and Miss Godwin in our classroom too.

In Year 4 our main focus is to become more responsible and proactive learners and I will be looking to the children to build their independence throughout the year. We will be starting off our learning by looking at plants and herbals remedies and the positive impact such remedies can have. We will be driving this focus by learning about a local history study of the smallpox outbreak and the impact of Edward Jenner’s vaccine.

I hope you are all looking forward to a ‘new normal’ at school as much as I am and I cannot wait to hear all about your summer holidays, so come to school prepared to tell me all about it!

Mr Walton.