Year 4 St George’s Church visit!

On Tuesday 13th July, year 4 were lucky enough to be invited down to St George’s Church in town by Rev. Caroline. We decided to walk down and we had the most lovely time. In the church, we split into small groups and Rev. Caroline had prepared some lovely activities for each group to have a go at. The activities focussed on different areas of the church: with one about baptism at the baptismal font; one focussed on prayer; another used an activity sheet for the children to search the church for important features; and finally a talk about the beautiful painting at the focal point of the church, behind the altar, depicting the last supper. The activities were delivered by some of the church volunteers and our huge thanks goes to all of them for providing such a fun, engaging and interesting insight into the church. When we arrived back at school, the children all compiled a factifile on features of the church before designing their own beautiful stained glass window designs, inspired by the beautiful building of St George’s. I hope you enjoy the pictures, hopefully you can see just how much the children enjoyed their visit after such a long period of time where such events have been made impossible.