Visit to Christ Church

Year 5 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Christ Church in the village this week.

We had an amazing time and were kept very busy by Esther, the Minister at Christ Church, who had arranged so much for us to do and learn about there.

First, the children took part in a detective hunt for clues about the Church building, its history and uses. We were allowed to go up to the gallery and see the organ and explore the whole building even inside the baptismal pool which was thankfully not full of water!

We were lucky enough to hear Brian playing the impressive church organ and small groups of children were given a chance to find out more about playing the organ, with Brian’s help.

We owe a huge thank you to Margaret, who was assisting everyone, imparting lots of knowledge about the history of the building and who even sorted out drinks and biscuits for the children! Esther talked us through the importance of Advent as a season to look forward to Christmas and gave us a task of decorating our own Advent candle posters, linked to the values of joy, hope, peace and love.

It was just lovely to see the children so engaged and enthusiastic to learn more about Christ Church and its impact on our community. Finlay found his great-grandfather’s plaque, detailing his involvement in the relocation of the Church building to bring it to Nailsworth in 1881. Scarlett commented that, “I feel like I have known Christ Church for years now, even though this was the first time I’ve been there!”

We owe an enormous thank you to Esther and the Church staff for providing such a rewarding, enriching and fun trip out into our local community.