PE in year 5!

We were lucky enough to welcome Amber, who is a past pupil, back to Nailsworth Primary today. Amber is an award winning dancer, specialising in street dance and she came to help encourage, teach and inspire the year 5’s in our mission to learn some dance skills in our PE sessions this half-term. Amber wowed us with one of her medal winning routines before teaching us some dance skills and making our own routines integrating the dance skills we had learnt. The children loved having Amber in school and the staff that knew Amber as a pupil were so happy to see her come back to share some of her success with the current pupils. Please enjoy some of the photos from our session and please do look out for more as the term continues!

girl dancing on stage watched by students sat on the floor group of students watching a girl on stage leading a dance routine girl leading a group on stage dancing with her group of students dancing in the hall group of students dancing row of students dancing, following a girl leading girl leading a group doing street dance group dancing, following dance moves group standing, watching a leader dancing two boys dancing whilst others work on dances in small groups two girls practising a dance with others in the background also practising