Year 5 Reading!

We have been really pushing reading outside of school this term. It is absolutely paramount that a love reading is fostered in the children we teach and this can be supported by helping your children to read lots at home. Please do use the reading diaries to record your children’s efforts in reading at home, we have some lovely school based rewards for reading at home and this has been added to this half-term by our partners at FGR. We have been welcoming the scholarship players in for 1:1 reading sessions through the term and the club have set us a challenge of reading a combined total of 10,000 minutes of reading, as a class, by the beginning of April. Everyone in the class can help us to reach the target by reading at home and recording it in their diaries, we will then add their efforts to the total. FGR have also kindly provided the school with vouchers that we intend to use for celebrating great efforts in reading this half-term and next. This does not just mean the child who has read ‘the most’ but those who have gone above and beyond with their reading, maybe writing a book review or really improving their efforts with reading outside of school etc. Jake was the first winner of a voucher, there will be another at the end of this half-term and then again next half-term.