So much learning in year 3!

We have undertaken all sorts of exciting learning this term in year 3!

We started the term by looking at different rivers. We took a close look at the rural village of Vumilia and the river that flows through it. Vumilia, in Tanzania is linked to Nailsworth Town by a ‘friendship link’. We continued our learning by looking at rivers in different places and we will be writing a report on our river exploration soon.

In year 3, we have also been continuing our coverage of the Ancient Egyptians, focusing on the achievements of this ancient civilisation, with a focus on the great pyramids. During our English lessons, we have taken on the role of an Ancient Egyptian child and have written a diary entry in the day of the life of an Egyptian boy or girl. The children really enjoyed taking on this role and have produced some amazing diary entries.

During our Science lessons, we have been exploring light, including dangers and benefits of light to the human body. We will be continuing this across the final few weeks of term by looking at shadows and their patterns.

In our RE lessons, we have been looking closely at the Muslim religion and we continue to look at how they worship.

two children dressed in Muslim head dress, bent in prayer on a prayer mat with the Qu'ran two children dressed in Muslim head dress, about to bend in prayer on a prayer mat with the Qu'ran