We’re making pizza, just like the Little Red Hen!

Reception class are very excited to be using ‘The Little Red Hen‘ and ‘The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza)‘ as our focus books this term.
cover of the story book The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza) showing a cartoon chicken with a mixing bowl and cartoons in the background of a cat, a dog and a duck in fancy dress.
We have learnt the original story through story making and can re-tell it using actions. We have been learning about where wheat comes from and how it is much easier for the farmer to farm wheat now with big combine harvesters compared to long ago when they used horses to pull the equipment or even used to cut it down themselves!
We have been exploring wheat grains. Shipton Mill very kindly donated samples of 3 different grains and some flour for us to compare. We ground some of the grains to make our own flour – it was fascinating to see it turn white the more we ground it.
This week we are making our own pizzas with the school chef. We are designing our pizza boxes and we will be taking orders from the staff so they can taste our pizzas too – yum!
group of children around tables with mixing bowl smaller bowls of grains and all are busy grabbing grains or mixing