Year 5 FGR reading target!

Year 5 were lucky enough to welcome FGR and the scholars back into the classroom this week. They came in to see how we did with the reading target challenge they set us back at the beginning of March. It was good news, we smashed the target of 10,000 minutes having read a massive combined total of 11,782 minutes as a class. A huge well done to EVERY SINGLE child in year 5, who ALL contributed, by reading at home and recording it in their reading diaries. We are so proud of the children in the class and love the fact that reading is becoming more and more important to them all. Please do make sure you read at home at every opportunity with your child(ren) and a big thank you to those that do this regularly. Well done year 5!

group of children pointing at the Big Read chart The Big Read chart detailing 11,782 minutes at the top children reading at desks with an FGR player row of FGR players stood at the front of class whilst children are listening to a child reading children at desks reading with FGR players stood looking at books too children reading at desks with FGR players sat at their tables too girl eating a doughnut girl smiling at camera with half a doughnut in her hand