Mosaic madness

Today we have started to create our mosaics. We have only just started and are looking forward to sharing the completed designs soon.

Preparing for the storm

Year 5 made pizzas and decorated biscuits yesterday in the Rainbow Kitchen. As part of our Hurricane Topic, we discussed what food we would like to have in our shelter whilst we wait out the storm. They agreed that they would probably have no electricity during a storm and that naked flames would be too…

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Year 5 Library Visit

Year 5 enjoyed a walk down to Nailsworth library today. Helen and Sue, the librarians, showed us where the different genres of books are kept, how to search for authors on the computers and how to use the self-checkout system. We will be visiting each month to check out books, research topics and spend time…

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In Ruby’s Box

This is my poem inspired by Kit Wright’s The Magic Box   I will put in my box The beams of sun peeking through the trees, The angels singing and begging on her knees, Drops of rain swiftly sleeping on the leaves, Flames of fire that only a devious devil sees. I will put in…

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In Lucie’s Box

We read The Magic Box by Kit Wright. This is my poem inspired by him.   I will put in the box A falcon squawking from far away, A majestic phoenix flapping his wings in May, A majestic raven playing in the moonlight. I will put in the box An angel’s eyes glistening in the…

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Games design using Roman numerals

This week we have been investigating Roman numerals. We demonstrated our knowledge by creating maths games to challenge our friends.

HARVEST acrostic poem By Shaakirah

Having fun In the shallow ochre wheat, we watched the sun glow. Achieving a swamp green tractor we decided to harvest some wheat. Racing through he dark field we skipped to the riverside. Viciously the vegetables and fruit were being cut. Evergreen tree pines would hold on to the branches whilst leaves fell off their…

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Year 4 are preparing for battle!

This term Year 4 are investigating different battle stratergies used by the Spartan and Athenian armies during the Battle of Marathon. They are discovering how an army of 25,000 were defeated by a smaller force. Using maps, they are designing their own battle plans and hope to trial their tactics later n the topic.