Imagination and coordination

Animal Encounter!

The children have had lots of fun meeting a tortoise and asking lots of amazing questions! Did you know a tortoise can live for 100 years?

Harriets Kenning Poem

My name is Harriet I am in year 3 and we have learnt about kenning poems   A cat-chaser A tall-beter A bone-beryer A meat-eater A  water-drinker A ball chaser-time waster A bone-eater A meat- chomper A bone-licker A catch-player   can you guess what it is about

Kenning Poems

My name is Livie from year 3 and we have been writing kenning poems, which are like riddles. Here is mine A furious – master A shade – seeker A meat-eater A water – lapper A paw – licker A painful – kicker A loud – roarer A hairy – thing A good – sleeper A fierce…

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