Dear President Trump by Evan

Dear President Trump, I am writing to you because I disagree with your decision about pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement.I believe your decision will not only harm animals but also the human race itself.There is evidence climate change is real. Therefore,President Trump you should not have the right to be President of…

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Coral reefs by Holly

Dear President Trump, I am writing to you because pulling out of the Paris Agreement has effected climate change a bit too much.This is causing wildlife to lose their homes and  coral bleaching.Your country has the most influence on climate change.There fore, President Trump why do you think that we will no longer laugh at…

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By Ruby

Dear President Trump, I am writing to you because I don’t agree that you pulled out of the climate change agreement.By pulling out you are harming the coral reefs and the sea creatures.Therefore President Trump,where is your support?   During the first agreement in 2016 ,world leaders gathered together to discuss climate change.The French president…

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Climate Change by Johann

Dear President Trump, The temperature in the seas are warming, therefore the coral reefs that are in the world are bleaching, or shall I say that they are dying. Now you may be wondering why, well that’s because you are creating pollution in the air! The president before you, Barack Obama, joined the Paris agreement,…

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Climate change by Erin and Ruby

Dear President Trump, We can tell you that climate change is real because half the world’s coral reef has gone. The coral reefs colour has faded away because of the rising temperatures. The sea creatures are loosing their homes and have no food. You must help the coral get their colour back. #getintoaction#pleasehelp

Climate change by Isabelle

Dear President Trump, Did you realise that a rising temperature of 1-2 degrees can potentially kill the beautiful and majestic coral reef? #getintoactionimmediately!