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Each class chooses a new topic each half term or term. The broader curriculum is taught through this topic and we follow a philosophy of CONTINUOUS PROVISION (see below for more info). At Nailsworth we believe that skills are not learnt in isolation. By combining subjects into one topic, children have the opportunity to achieve greater results, learning in a more meaningful context. Class teachers plan children’s learning with awareness of ‘The Three I’s’:  they decide what their INTENT is for the learning, how they will IMPLEMENT this and as the term progresses they will record the IMPACT of the learning.  To find out what your child is learning and how the topic is woven through the curriculum, click on the year group tab below:

What is  ?

The reason for the term ‘continuous’ is that we aim to re-visit skills and concepts many times during the year, throughout the key stage and across the school. This gives children the opportunity to achieve a greater depth of learning and mastery.

Continuous provision has always been an EYFS teaching method and it is now beginning to filter into both KS1 and KS2. Chris Quigley is a forerunner in the development of continuous provision up to year 6. Both Mr Southcott and Mrs Tyler-Sell have been lucky enough to attend training courses with Chris which have inspired them to tailor the Nailsworth Curriculum to include continuous provision as a key teaching method.

The aim is not to ‘achieve’ learning in a lesson as if this is a final destination. Instead, pupils should have multiple opportunities to return to content, over time, in order to gain a growing developmental understanding                              – Chris Quigley

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How can you help at home?

Continuous provision is a great way of teaching at home. It can be done in short bursts, repeated regularly e.g. try teaching spelling test words or a times table just 3 minutes a day, 5 days a week, while doing routine tasks. Infact, one the principles of continuous provision is teaching through daily routine. We are currently teaching the time in this way, in every class.

Continuous provision does not stop at the end of a lesson. Continue it at home!

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Celebrating the children’s work is important to us at Nailsworth. Inspired by their continuous provision topic each term, we regularly display a variety of work from each class in the hall. Families are invited to come and share our celebration and discover what the children have been learning in all subjects.