Extra-curricular Activities

Our excellent facilities and enthusiastic staff and parents mean that ALL pupils from Year 1 upwards have the opportunity to join club activities during lunch times and after the school day.

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Music Lessons

Below is this term’s

Clubs List

June-July 2022

Image of the clubs list in detail. Downloadable as a pdf

There is a wide variety of Sports Clubs – availability depends on the time of year – including Football, Netball, Rugby, Indoor rowing, Cross Country Running, Gymnastics, Hockey, Athletics, Cricket, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, Fencing, Basketball, Trampolining, Ballet, Yoga, Zumba and Rounders.


Children in KS2 have the opportunity to join sports teams and we regularly play inter-school and inter-county matches. We are proud to regularly be able to celebrate our children’s sporting achievements with medals, trophies and colours to be worn on school uniforms. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

As well as sports clubs we also offer other clubs such as:

Music and Arts Clubs:  Art, Choir, Drawing, Pottery, Sewing, Cross stitch, Knitting

Other Clubs can include Cookery, Chess, D&T, Reading for Pleasure, iPad, Nature, Pulsar, SATS and Gardening.

The majority of clubs are free of charge, but some, such as Fencing, Ballet and Martial Arts, are provided by an external supplier and there is a cost involved.

Swimming lessons are for all children from Year 1 onwards, classes changing termly, at Stratford Park Leisure Centre on a Wednesday morning.