Year 4 Forest School Fun!

Year 4 have been fortunate enough to welcome back some much loved Forest School sessions to our timetable this term. We are very lucky to have the amazing Mrs Wingfield, who runs our Forest School, deliver some great sessions. As you can see from the pictures, the children love it and have been busy doing…

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Forest School Y4!

Year 4 have had the nicest afternoon this week taking part in a well deserved forest school afternoon. We all said a huge thank you to Mrs Wingfield for organising and running the session where the children got to explore the outdoor area, played some forest school games and even got to cook and eat…

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Helloyellow day Y4!

All the children in year 4 were really keen to make the most of our mental health awareness day this week. We donated money in order to raise money and the children enjoyed wearing their yellow clothes to school, as you can see in the picture! We also managed to hold a pretty enormous raffle…

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Learning new skills

There are so many things for us to learn during this time. In the Year 3 classroom we have been very busy. This afternoon we made banana and chocolate muffins and we added the designs to our hot air balloons.

Coronavirus advice (2nd March 2020)

02/03/2020 Thank you for parents sharing their concerns over the Coronavirus, especially with a confirmed case in Tetbury which has closed the primary school at present. As there has been no confirmed case of Coronavirus at Nailsworth Primary, we will be following government advice and will be open as usual for students and staff. We…

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Year 4 Spellings 28.2.20

Hello! Spellings this week are; Circle Decide Medicine Exercise Special Cinema Decimal Accident City Citizen Happy practising! Miss Jackson

Year 4 Forest School 10.02.20

On this very blustery and cold day, Year 4 made it out to the nature garden where we had a great hour or so of Forest School. Firstly, we played hide and seek. Our winner was Bingxi, who his behind the shed and stayed quiet for 15 minutes! Then we played sardines but in our…

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Year 4 spellings and homework

Hi all, This weeks spellings (to be tested on 14th February) are; Science Crescent Discipline Fascinate Scent Scissors Ascent Descent Scientist Scenery Our homework will be given out on Friday 14th. This is because it will be a longer piece to be completed over half term. As always, if you have an querie please come…

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Year 4 spellings 10.01.20

Year 4 spellings to be tested on 17th Jan Information Adoration Sensation Preparation Education Location Exaggeration Concentration Imagination Organisation Happy practising!

Year 4

This week’s spellings are: We have noticed an increase of children forgetting spelling books, which can often lead to lost spellings when they haven’t been glued in. Please remember them on Friday. expression discussion confession permission admission transmission possession profession depression impression My tip for this week.. they all end in ‘ssion’! Happy practising! Miss…

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