two children using a self made vacuum cleaner
a scientist demonstrating with a large canister pouring a steaming liquid into a jar with much smoke

Hand Washing Video!

One of our year 6 pupils has been busy creating a hand washing video, edited by his brother. Great work both of you! Have a wa-SH below…! 

Y6 AMAZING work from home!

It’s SO GREAT to hear that you are all eager to do the work set out for you!  Well done for being proactive learners and taking control of your learning – this makes me so proud of you!  Let’s see some of what you’ve been up to: More great Pop Art work using Mickey Mouse…

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Luca’s Pop Art

I’m glad the link for the Pop Art video worked for you today!  Luca has sent in some of his Pop Art work – it’s very colourful, just like Andy Warhol’s artwork!  Take a look below for some inspiration! 

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Maisie!  Thank you for sending some interesting facts on Andy Warhol and on Pop Art. Have a look below at what Maisie has done:   


Thank you to Erin for sending in her Frankenstein with some great facts!   

Year 6

This week’s spellings are:  

Bikeability Yr 6

Don’t forget your bikes and helmets for next week, year 6! Bikeability will run all week. Make sure you have a waterproof coat too.

A fond farewell

Today we said a fond farewell to our awesome year 6’s. Year 6 led a heart-warming, funny and poignant assembly with fabulous singing, poetry and even a quiz! Tears and laughter were shared with plenty of hugs to see year 6 on their way to their new adventures in secondary school. Good Luck! We will…

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The Great Mini Bake-Off

Year 6 had great fun competing in a mini bakeoff on Wednesday, working in teams against the clock to make cupcakes. The cakes were delicious and showed great imagination. The judging panel of Mrs Amos, Mrs King and Mr Southcott had the challenging task of deciding the winners based on team work, awareness of hygiene, presentation…

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Year 6 Let Loose!

The truth of what happened on PGL came out tonight! Lots of laughter was shared with year 6’s leaving play “Let Loose”, recounting the fun and hijinks of their five day residential. Wonderful performances all round, with great support from years 3, 4 and 5. o