Jigsaur Breakfast & After School Club

Offering before and after school childcare at very competitive rates


This is particularly useful during term time for working parents as we have both a breakfast club, which opens at 7.40am where children can be dropped off before school and enjoy breakfast together, and an after school club, which runs after the school day and finishes at 5.45pm.

We recommend booking a regular place for your child in advance each term to ensure consistency in their day, we sometimes have flexibility to accept children on a more casual basis which can be great if you have early/late work or just need a break!  If your child is in receipt of pupil premium funding, please see the School Office about using some of the funds to buy sessions at Jigsaur.  A booking/registration form can be obtained from the School Office or at the links below.

Children mix with others from different classes and year groups, which encourages them to be more tolerant towards different people and builds their confidence. The older children look out for the younger ones and the younger ones look up to the older ones. We offer a wide range of resources for both indoor and outdoor play, allowing for creativity, physical activity and relaxation, under the care of the playworkers. If the weather is fine, time is spent playing outside after school on the playground, trim trail or field, with the school gym providing a good alternative for physical activities if the weather is dreadful!


Our staff facilitate freely chosen play, so that the children can play and develop in their own way, in a safe and happy environment. We aim to provide a reasonably priced high quality play provision using current best practice methods, involving children in our decision making, allowing their voices to be heard and therefore offering the facilities and activities they require.

Session Times:

Breakfast Club – 7.40 – 8.40am   £3.50 per session

After School Club
Session 1 – 3.15 to 4.15pm  £4.50 per session
Session 1 and 2 –  3.15 to 5.45pm £9.00 per session

school_money_eduspot_1024x346_e1567634466641_150x66.jpgWe ask for payment to be made via School Money: https://schoolmoney.co.uk

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Ask at the School Office for more information.

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