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Policy Name

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Accessibility Policy & Plan Accessibility Policy & Plan Sept 2022
Admissions Policy Admissions Policy Sept 2022
Anti-Bullying and Anti-Hate Policy  Anti-Bullying and Anti-Hate Policy
Attendance Policy Attendance Policy
Assessment, Feedback and Marking Policy  Assessment, Feedback and Marking Policy
Relationships (Behaviour) Policy 
Relationships (Behaviour) Policy
Charging Policy Charging_Jan 2023
Children with Medical Needs who Cannot Attend School Dec 2020
Collective Worship Policy  Collective Worship Policy
Complaints Policy Complaints Jan 2023
GDPR Data Protection Policy GDPR Data Protection_June2022
Employment of Ex Offenders Policy  Employment of Ex Offenders Policy
Equalities Policy Equalities_Jan 2023
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy EYFS policy_ May2021
Early Years Transition Policy (Pre-school -> EYFS -> KS1) EYFS Transition Policy May22
Exclusions Policy Exclusions Policy_Oct22
Finance Policy Finance Policy May 2023
First Aid and Medication (incl Intimate Care) Policy First Aid & Medication Policy Mar 2023
Freedom of Information Policy Freedom of Information Sept-2021
 > Our Publication Scheme Publication scheme 2019
Health & Safety Policy Health & Safety_May 2022
Home-School Agreement Home School Agreement 2024
Lockdown Policy  Lockdown Policy
Low-Level Concerns Policy  Low-Level Concerns Policy
Managing Unacceptable Behaviour from Parents and Visitors Managing Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Jan 2022
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy Nov 2022
Offer of Early Help Offer of Early Help
Off Site Visit Policy Off Site Visits_Jan19
Online Safety Policy Online Safety_Policy_Jan 2023
Protection of Biometric Information Policy Protection of Biometric Information Jan 2022
Relationship & Sex Education Policy Relationship and Sex Education Policy Jan 2023
Religious Education Policy
R.E Policy Nov 2022
Remote Learning Policy Remote Learning Policy Oct 2022
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Safeguaring Pupils Walking to and from School Policy  Safeguarding Pupils Walking to and from School
School Dog Policy School Dog Policy_Jan 2020
SEN Information Report  SEN Information Report
Sharps Policy Sharps Policy Oct 2020
Social Media Policy Social Media Policy April 2021
Special Education Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Policy
Special Education Needs & Disabilities Policy Jan 2021
Spirituality Policy
Spirituality Policy
Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC) Development Policy
Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Development Policy Sept 2022
Staff Code of Conduct 
Staff Code of Conduct
Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy Supporting Children with Medical Needs Nov 2022
Toileting and Intimate Care Policy  Intimate Care and Toileting Policy
Uniform Policy Uniform Policy Jan 2022
Volunteers Policy Volunteers Policy Dec 2021
Whistleblowing Policy Whistleblowing_Jan 2021
Worship Policy
Worship Policy Nov 2022

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