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At Nailsworth C of E Primary school, after safeguarding, reading is our top priority. The Headteacher priorotises reading, staff foster a love of reading and reading and phonic CPD is prioritised with the aim of all staff being experts in early reading.

Subject Intent:


To increase pupils’ prospects by ensuring that all children are fluent, enthusiastic readers. We are determined to ensure that our pupils can speak, read and write fluently so that they can succeed in future life.



Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly…

·        To ensure children’s phonic skills are secure as early as possible, as these are essential to developing as a competent, assertive reader.

·        To provide early reading foundations that enable pupils to be enthusiastic readers with a passion and love for storytelling, literature and vocabulary.

·        To ensure that all children learn to read and read to learn.

·        For children to become enthusiastic and motivated readers

·       To immerse children in a range of genres in order to develop cultural capital and provoke thought (Windows and mirrors)

·       To encourage a love of literature and enjoyment of reading

·       Through thorough tracking we ensure that no child is left behind; those few pupils who find learning to read a challenge are supported through rigorous interventions to cater for their needs.



Key Documents

1. Reading at Nailsworth

2. Curriculum Progression Reading

3. Reading Policy 

4. WCR Lesson Framework

5. Long Term Planning Documents

WCR Map 2024-25

Year 1 Reading Curriculum

Year 2 Reading Curriculum

Year 3 Reading Curriculum

Year 4 Reading Curriculum

Year 5 Reading Curriculum

Year 6 Reading Curriculum

6. Knowledge Organisers 

Reading Expertise 

We are incredibly lucky to have an expert in children's literature as our Acting Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Wood. Mrs Wood has been asked to speak at local events such as the Cheltenham Reading Festival and the Cheltenham Festival Patron's Dinner. Mrs Wood also leads the 'reading teachers=reading pupils' Gloucester group which is a group of local teachers who come together with the aim of improving their knowledge of children's books so that they can improve outcomes for their pupils. She has also showcased her reading curriculum and lessons to many local schools within the GSP (Gloucester Schools Partnership). We are very fortunate to have a leader so driven and passionate about putting books into children's hands. 


Reading Rocks Newsletter

Every term we send out a reading newsletter to let you know what new books have been released, what books we would strongly recommend and local initiatives aimed at encouraging our children to read more. Please find the most recent 'Reading Rocks' newsletters below. 

2023-24 Summer Reading Rocks

Whole Class Reading

Reading is taught in 30 minute daily whole class reading lessons using VIPERS question stems. 

VIPERS stands for:








Please click the link below for further information:

KS2 Reading Vipers

Useful websites to support our families with reading: 

Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.