Christian Values

Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.

Our vision is lived-out through four main values which each has its own Bible Story:

Love: The Kind Stranger, Luke 10 (The Good Samaritan)  

Perseverance: The Two Houses (The Parable of the Two Builders)  

Community: Marvellous Picnic (Jesus feeds the Five Thousand)  

Respect: The Roman Centurion Faith (Jesus Heals a Roman Servant)  

Christian Values
Beneath this sit 8 other Christian values. These values are re-visited each small term. Please see below example for further details:

Christian Value Badges

These are awarded to children who demonstrate how they are taking these values into their lives. We love to hear how your children are living these values at home too, so do please write in to your child’s class teacher to share your stories and help us celebrate these values together.

Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.