That’s our motto for sport and for life. We’re for jumping right in and going on new adventures together, as a team.


Sportily is a place for everyone to try different sports, make new friends and explore what life is all about. So we do all sorts of sports and activities, some you’ll know, some you might not (heard of Kabaddi?), we hang out, we chat, we eat and we discover new things. What matters is we have a laugh while doing it.

Sportily operates a network of fun-loving sport and faith groups across Gloucestershire. In Nailsworth activities are run by Ben Fudge and a team of local volunteers supported by St George’s Church and Christ Church.

We believe that being more active, like the Christian faith, can change your life forever. And so we’re here to get you moving and show you that things are a lot more fun when we’re kicking, diving, riding, rolling, running and jumping around together.

Sportily began life as PSALMS and has been involved in supporting Nailsworth school and the local community for many years. Sportily is committed to providing the best quality sports coaching with a ‘Give it a go’ approach and with fun being at the heart of all our sessions.

Join in

Many Sportily activities are open to people of all ages from the local community. You can find out about what’s happening in Nailsworth and how you or members of your family can get involved here:

Sportily at Nailsworth Primary School

The Sportily team, working with volunteers from St George’s Church and Christ Church have supported the school for many years. These are just some of the things that take place:


In addition to RE lessons, key stage 2 classes also explore R.E. through sport, led by Sportily. Games and sporting skills, linked to Christian stories and the R.E. curriculum are explore with fun, discussion and key learning points.

Open the Book

Sportily works with the local churches to support the school collective worship programme through Open the Book assemblies. This national programme offers primary school children an opportunity to hear key Bible stories told by a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies or acts of collective worship. You can find out more about the programme, developed by the Bible Society, here: Open the Book | Sharing Bible stories in primary schools – Bible Society

Lunchtime and after school clubs

Basketball, cricket, mutli-sports, football. Sportily runs a varied programme of clubs at the school which all children and invited to join in with. All of the clubs positively encourage children to get active, opportunity is also provided within sessions for conversations about life and sometimes faith and Christian values too.

Pulse Games

In the summer term the team run a sports day style event where a Christian faith theme is explored on the school field through various sporting challenges undertaken in class teams. Always high energy and full of laughs, this is a highlight of the year and takes place in lots of Gloucestershire schools.


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Together we rise, we learn, we love, abundantly.